What Do We Do?      

The Planning Department is responsible for land use planning activities in the County. The Planning Department serves the public through developing and administering land use regulations such as: subdivisions, citizen-initiated zoning, floodplains, rural improvement districts, and building for lease or rent. The Planning Department also serves the public through the development of long range plans such as the Growth Policy and the Active Transportation Plan as well as the administration of land use projects like the Gardiner Gateway Project and the Silver Gate Park Strategic Plan. Our staff is available  to talk about any aspect of land use and development in Park County.

Contact Information414 East Callender St.
Livingston, MT 59047
P (406) 222-4102
F (406) 222-4109

Planning Staff:
William Michael Inman (Director)
Lawson Moorman



While we strive to be available for walk-in public, we are occasionally out in the field or attending meetings. For your convenience, appointments are preferred.  

                                            ZONING DISTRICT REVIEW

Click here to review a copy of the proposedUS HWY 89 South – East River Road – Old Yellowstone Trail Zoning District and Official Map. Written comments can be submitted by mailing them to 414 East Callender Street, Livingston, MT 59047, or by emailing comments to Members of the public may also provide public comments during the public hearings before the Planning and Development Board and Park County Commission, occurring August 16, 2018 at 6pm in the Emigrant Hall (Board) and again on September 19, 2018 in the Community Room of the City County Complex, located at 414 East Callender Street, Livingston, MT. For further information please contact the Park County Planning Department by emailing or by calling 406.222.4102

Click here to view the Planning Board's Analysis of Public Comment leading up to and during the August 16th, 2018 hearing.

Click here to view the Planning Board's Recommended Changes to the Draft Zoning Regulation for the Park County Commission.

Click here to view the agenda for the September 19th, 2018 Commission Public Hearing.

Click here to see a transcription of verbal comments from the September 19th, 2018 Public Hearing

                                COOKE CITY ZONING REGULATION UPDATE

Click here to review a copy of the proposed Cooke City/ Silvergate/ Coulter Pass Zoning Regulations Update. The Cooke City/ Silvergate/ Coulter Pass Zoning Advisory Committee will hold a public hearing on August 22, 2018 at 5pm in the Cooke City Rural Fire Hall located at 202 Main Street West, Cooke City, MT. The Park County Zoning Commission will hold a subsequent public hearing on September 18, 2018 at 2pm in the City/County Complex Community Room located at 414 East Callender St., Livingston, MT.  The purpose of both public hearings is to solicit public comments concerning a proposed update of the Cooke City/Silvergate/Coulter Pass Zoning Regulations. The district update is being proposed under Montana Code Annotated 76-2-101 and would not amend the boundaries of the existing district.  The proposed zoning regulation update is available for public inspection at the Clerk and Recorder’s Office and on the county website at Members of the public are encouraged to attend and provide public comment to the Zoning Advisory Committee and County Zoning Commission as part of their consideration. Written public comments will be accepted up to, and during the Zoning Commission hearing scheduled for September 18, 2018. For more information please contact the Park County Planning Department at 406.222.4102 or email