Property Taxes

Kevin J Larkin, Treasurer               

Phone: 406-222-4119                       

Vicki - Deputy Treasurer- Property taxes
Phone: 406-222-4121

For your Montana tax rebate information you can access your information at  We are not staffed for all of the incoming calls and as this is a State of Montana Rebate any questions you have need to be addressed with the Montana Department of Revenue at 406-900-1020 option zero.  Thank you.  You can file your property tax rebate at

If you received a Property Tax reassessment from the Department of Revenue you will have to call them with any questions.  We do not deal with property appraisals or property values.  Their number is (406) 900-1020  When the recording comes on press zero.


The Department of Revenue (DOR) recently dispersed property appraisal notices (that are unfortunately inaccurate), and they’ve also planned a series of public meetings, July 6  thru 26, to explain how they determined the new values.


We encourage you to take this as a great opportunity to inform your citizens and help them understand the facts about how local government property taxes really work including how local governments are not allowed to keep up with inflation. And be sure they know real story about what property tax increases will look like this year in your communities!



Property Taxes Explained - With Pictures!


The Montana Free Press has published a thorough and informative piece on how property taxes work in Montana. In short, it’s amazing, and we highly encourage you to review it and share it with your community.


Read it & share it here >>


A National Perspective on the Property Tax: How Montana Compares


The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy published a presentation that highlights how Montana's property tax system works and how it differs from most others across the country.


See how we compare here >>


Park County Property Taxes
Your taxes are available to view and pay online!

2022 Delinquent List updated 8/14/2023

2020 FAQ Tax Appeal Questions

Notice of pending tax assignment

Online Vehicle Registration Renewal

Address change for for taxes
Mail the completed address change form to:

The Department of Revenue
222 E Main Street, B10
Ennis, MT 59279

DOR Phone number (406) 900-1020 Then 0 when the recording starts.

Motor vehicle


  • PHONE: 406-222-4120

  • HOURS:  RENEWALS:  8:00 TO 4:45   TITLES : 8:00 TO 4:30

We do not do driver's license in our office.

Driver's License information

SV & Paradise TV district form

If you do not have access to SV or Paradise Valley TV fill this form out and send it to the address on the form to have the fee removed from your tax bill.

Cooke City - Silvergate

Cooke City - Silvergate - Colter Pass Resort Tax Admin. Ordinance

This document outlines the Ordinance No. 18 for the Resort Tax in Southern Park County.

Cooke City - Silvergate - Colter Pass Resort Tax Remittance Form Revised 5/18/22
This is the remittance form for remitting the Resort Taxes.

Cooke City - Silvergate - Colter Pass Resort Tax Funds Application Form
This is the application form for the businesses of Cooke City, Silvergate and Colter Pass.


Gardiner Resort Tax

On April 8, 2014, residents voted and approved a 4% seasonal resort tax. The tax is collected from June 1 to September 30. Funds are used for property tax relief, community services, cultural grants, community infrastructure, and visitor services.

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