About the Commission

Park County has a Commissioner form of government. The three County Commissioners file from one of three districts in the county, but are elected at large and each represents the entire county. The terms for elected officials in Park County are for four (4) years and are non-partisan. One Commissioner runs in the non-presidential election year and the other two run in a presidential year.
All legislative, executive, and administrative powers and duties belong to the Commissioners unless specifically designated to other officials.  The Commissioners appoint other Department Heads and employees, except those appointed by other officials.
Powers are limited by state law, but Commissioners may exercise broad authority in these and other areas including:
  • Build and maintain county roads and bridges
  • Control and care for county property
  • Appoint numerous advisory and decision-making boards such as the tax appeal board, planning board, fair board, weed board, airport authority, etc.
  • Prepare, review and decide on the annual county budget
  • Adopt and administer personnel policies and negotiate union contracts
  • Provide for law enforcement and correctional facilities in the county
  • Plan and provide for parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities
  • Provide for solid waste collection and disposal services

Park County Voter Districts



Term: 2019-2022

Phone: o.406-222-4118 c. 406-222-4687 h. 406-222-4687



Term: 2021-2024

Phone: o. 406-222-4105 c. 406-223-2565



Term: 2021-2024

Phone: o. 406-222-4107 c. 406-224-3376 h. 406-222-0771


To contact the three Commissioners collectively: Contact


OFFICE PHONE: 406-222-4106



PARK COUNTY COMMISSION MEETINGS are held every Tuesday at 9:00am and typically take place at the City-County Building, 414 E. Callender St., Livingston, MT, unless otherwise indicated. 

Beginning October 19, 2021, the Park County Commission will meet virtually until further notice. The public may opt to call in by dialing, 1-571-748-4021, ID 2896157#, and/or opt to participate virtually at, https://gomeet.com/parkcountycommission.  If the public elects to call-in to attend the meeting, we ask that you please mute your phone.  At times it is necessary to mute all phones if there is a caller who has background noise and not muted. If this occurs, to unmute, dial *6 to speak during the meeting.


Park County Information

Colter Pass, Cooke City, Silver Gate Resort Tax Funds Application:

Deadline February 24, 2022 by 4:00pm.

February 25, 2022, 10:30am: Opening of Proposals for 2021 Resort Tax Area Funds. Commission Chambers, 414 E. Callender St., Livingston.

March 15, 2022, 10:00am:  Appropriations of 2021 Resort Tax Area Funds for Colter Pass, Cooke City, Silver Gate.

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