Located in the City - County Complex, the 6th Judicial District Adult and Youth Probation Offices are here to ensure that offenders are using available resources for rehabilitation, working with each individual on a independent treatment plan accordingly, also works with family and friends and potential peers, and report to the courts on their progress. These officers serve the Park and Sweetgrass County offenders.

Adult Probation

Adult Probation Offices work in conjunction with the State of Montana Department of Corrections. Here are their FAQs.

Josh Congleton- 406-222-4165
Office Assistant - Vicki 406-222-4164
Fax Line Number - 406-222-4166

Juvenile / Youth Probation

The Juvenile Probation Offices report and comply with the State of Montana Supreme Court and work cooperatively with the local 6th Judicial District Court.

Chief Juvenile Probation Officer - Lesa Maher
Juvenile Probation Officer - Shiloh Barrett
Office Assistant - Vicky Garrison - 406-222-4162
Fax Line Number - 406-222-4166

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