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What is Taxable Value and why is it used for taxes instead of Market Value?

How are Property Taxes Determined?

How to Compare Year to Year Property Tax Changes when the Final Tax Bill Arrives

Why did estimated property taxes go up so much on the Notice from the DOR in 2019?

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Erica Strickland, Finance Director - 406-222-4135 

The functions of the Accounting Office include processing payroll and accounts payable, maintaining the general ledger, budgeting, annual financial report development, refuse billing, account reconciliations, grant administration accounting, and financial reporting. 

The mission of the Park County Accounting Office is to provide accurate and timely financial support services to public officials, departments, and the public in order to ensure efficient and effective use of county resources. We strive to promote a positive and informed workforce, to promote confidence in financial data through the use of sound financial practices, and to comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and legal requirements. 

We value integrity, quality, efficiency, personal development, respect for all people, and stewardship of county resources.

The 2020 Park County Refuse Tags were mailed on January 30, 2020.  The 2019 Park County Refuse tags may be used until the new ones arrive. Tags being held in the Accounting Office are available for pickup.  If you have any questions or need extra tags mailed to you, please contact the Accounting Office at 222-4192.
See 2020 Brochure & Sample Tag - Tag must be displayed in vehicle

Accounting Reports

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