Mosquito Control Program




Mosquito Control Spray Technician

414 E. Callender Street - Livingston, MT - 59047 


Hours of Operation: Check back later for the 2020 season hours of operation.

***Operation may very due to weather and available tax funds

***read more about conditions in which we will not spray***


Mosquito Control Supervisor

119 S. 3rd Street - Livingston, MT - 59047

Office: 406.222.4158

Cell: 406.223.1306

Hours of Operation: 

                                             Monday - Friday     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

                                             *Closed on all major holidays

                                             *Hours may vary due to weather

The Park County Mosquito Control Program strives to provide integrated management of mosquito populations to reduce the transmission potential for mosquito borne diseases to humans, domestic animals, livestock, and wildlife.