Martha Miller
Park County Auditor

(406) 222-4116

Mission Statement

The Park County Auditor’s Office independently serves the citizens of Park County by promoting accountability, fiscal integrity and transparency in county government. The Auditor’s office monitors and reviews operations of the county to assure compliance with state law and county policies; ensuring the proper use of public resources.


The Park County Auditor is elected to a four-year term as allowed by State law and the statutory authorization for the County Auditor is located in Title 7 Chapter 6 Part 24 of the Montana Code Annotated. In general the Auditor’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

- The County Auditor shall investigate and examine all claims against the county for compliance with county policies, state law and generally accepted accounting principles. Based on   this review the Auditor makes a recommendation to the County Commissioners to approve or deny payment of each claim presented. The Auditor must maintain a complete record of   all such claims and investigations;

- The County Auditor has the statutory duty to examine the books and accounts of various county departments at least quarterly and report the findings to the County Commissioners;

- The County Auditor may have other duties as requested by County Commissioners.

In addition to the duties noted above the Auditor’s office also handles:

-  Management of Angel Line Senior and Disabled Transportation Program;

-  Editing bi-weekly payroll for accuracy;

-  Oversight of county mail;

-  Maintaining insurance lists to include all county assets.

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