About Park County, Montana

Located in south-central Montana, Park County is surrounded by four majestic mountain ranges: the Absarokas, Bridger, Gallatin, and the Crazy Mountains. In Park County alone, there are 114 identified/named mountain peaks and the beautiful and colorful Paradise and Shields valleys lie in the center. Park County covers 1,681,280 acres ranging in elevation from 4,000 feet at the lowest point, to its highest point, 12,807 ft which is also the highest point in the State of Montana, Granite Peak. There is an approximate population of 16,189 residents in Park County.

Partially bordered by Yellowstone National Park to the south, Park County's natural resources provide a wide variety of sights and outdoor activities for scores of visitors each year. The famous Yellowstone River originates in Yellowstone National Park and runs clear, clean and undisturbed through Park County from Gardiner to Springdale, drawing fishermen, floaters and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Another major county river, the Shields River, is also abound with fish, wildlife and vegetation. Not to mention, 164 identified lakes and reservoirs located in beautiful Park County, Montana providing plenty of recreational opportunities.

The historic city of Livingston sits on the crossroads of US I-90 and US Hwy 89 and is the original Gateway to Yellowstone National Park. A former thriving hub for the Northern Pacific Railroad, Livingston was once called home by the colorful Calamity Jane. Several smaller communities give Park County a diverse demographic makeup. 

Park County's diverse economy ranges from agriculture, logging, mining, art and recreation to internet service providers and other digital technologies. The county has a critical access hospital, two medical clinics, and four airports. 
Average daytime high temperatures range from 30 degrees F in January, 80 degrees F in July and 42 degrees F in November. There is an average of 5 precipitation days each month of the year.

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