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Current Job Opportunities:

  • We do have a need for some short term staffing working 29 hours per week for the balance of the summer season at our Fairgrounds - call for details 222-4180.
  • One opening in the Sheriff's Office for one full-time Deputy position (must be POST certified or successfully tested with MTLETC). Apply for by downloading documents and directions on the employment page. Click on link to MT Consortium at bottom of this page for info on testing.
  • Facilities & Maintenance Position - a 1/2 time year-round flexible schedule to meet the needs of our rental customers for the Fairgrounds and Parks. Working with Events Coordinator and Director to create a pleasant rental experience for our community. Being able to prioritize tasks is essential to this opportunity.  Please use the application at the top of the page and include a resume and cover letter - or stop by the Courthouse HR office for a packet!
  • Heath Officer - 4 hours per week ensuring the compliance of Title 50 Health & Safety rules and regulations.  Works closely with the Board of Health and the Health Department staff to offer excellent customer service to our residents.  Job order # 10472426. Use the application at the top of the page and include a resume and cover letter to drop off at the Human Resources office or call 222-4180 for information.

Search Livingston for Job Opportunities with
the Bozeman Job Service Website at or call 406-582-9200.

Jill-Ann Ouellette, Human Resources Analyst

406-222-4180, Fax: 406-222-4144


Park County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, marital status, disability, pregnancy or sexual orientation.

We work with Department Heads and Elected Officials on a wide variety of employment related issues which include:

  •                recruitment and selection,
  •                performance appraisals,
  •                job descriptions,
  •                employee orientations,
  •                compliance with state and federal employment laws,
  •                labor/employee relations and collective bargaining,
  •                compensation and benefit administration including the annual employee health screening event,
  •          creating and maintaining employee records,
  •          job analysis and evaluations,
  •          risk management/loss control,
  •          DER for CDL drug testing program, 
  •          and has a very active role on the County Safety Team.

We happily serve all County employees by providing an open door policy for questions and inquiries. 

This office also assists with the development, revision and administration of personnel polices and procedures adopted by the Board of Commissioners.

Resource Links

Bozeman Job Services All County positions/openings will be listed on the Job Service. Park County Sheriff Postings are posted on the employment page and can be applied for directly in paper format with original paperwork and signatures, mailed to the Human Resources office. All other openings are currently processed and applied for through the Job Service.

MACo Healthcare Trust Annually selected by the County Commissioners, this healthcare trust is utilized by the employees of Park County. This MACO link will driect you to their website for a wealth of information as well as forms.

Montana Law Enforcement Testing Consortium The Montana Law Enforcement Testing Consortium (MTLETC) administers written and physical abilities tests in order to create a pool of candidates for the position of entry level law enforcement officer.

Montana Public Employees Retirement Administration This MPERA agency is a valuable resource to all Public Employees in the County and the Sate of Montana.

Employee Information
Below are links to documents that pertain to current County Employees... 

Personnel Policy & Procedure Handbook -Dec 2013

Time Sheet 

Leave Request Form

MACo Claim Form

Allegiance Medical FLEX Claim Form

Allegiance DDC FLEX Claim Form