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The Park County Office of Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating and supporting our community’s readiness for emergencies and disasters.   Emergency preparedness starts with personal responsibility and extends to our emergency services, businesses and civic organizations.   Our collective efforts preserve life, protect property and build resilient communities.   

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flood damage documentation forms:

To be eligible for State and Federal emergency funding, we must first demonstrate a minimum damage threshold.  For assistance to individuals, this threshold is quite high, requiring many homes to be lost or significantly damaged.  By documenting your flood damages and sharing that information with us, we can request disaster assistance based on the reported damage.  This is not an application for aid, it is a demonstration of need to support a request for aid.  We will notify those who submit damage assessments as soon as we hear whether we qualify for financial assistance.  

BUSINESS - Economic Injury Worksheet for Flooding 2019

INDIVIDUAL - Flood Damage Assessment for Individual Homeowners 2019


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Current Flood Impacts Information:

Flood Impacts Status Roads 5-2-19

 What about flooding this year?

There are several flood concerns that can occur at different times of the year.  In the early to mid spring, sudden shifts from cold to warm weather can cause rapid low elevation snowmelt over frozen ground which can lead to flooding anywhere in the county, even in areas not prone to flooding.  In mid to late spring, mid elevation snowmelt can cause small stream flooding.  This is of concern because small stream levels are not monitored by the USGS making flooding less predictable.  In late spring and early summer, high elevation snowmelt coincides with highwater on the Shields and Yellowstone rivers.  River flooding presents the greatest risk to life safety due to the high volume of water.  Water levels are closely tracked and entered into computer models by the National Weather Service to provide reliable forecasts and warning of river flooding.   So, is it going to flood?  It all depends on how the snow melts.  That means we should be prepared for flooding every year. 

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cOUNTY fire

The County Fire Warden administers the local open burning program (burn permits), coordinates the Fire Council, sits on the Montana South Central Zone Wildland Fire Committee, supports fire prevention and education, and is a liaison with local, state and federal fire agencies.  

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Emergency Management is a four phase process of preparing for emergencies and disasters at home, school, work and the great outdoors. Mitigation is identifying and minimizing risks.  Preparendess is planning, training, and building local capabililites.  Response is supporting our first responder's missions to help save lives and property.  Recovery is the whole community effort of rebuilding and returning to "normal" following a significant event. 

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Park County Safety Team - Mission Statement

"Our team is dedicated to building a culture of safety through training, education, and policy development.  We strive to minimize accidents through risk analysis and mitigation.  Our passion for safety awareness, health and personal responsibility promotes employee welbeing and concersves public funds."

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