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We want to tell you about what we are doing. Your Park County staff is working hard to meet the needs of our "whole community". Click on the communications links below to sign up for newsletters, email updates, social media and emergency alerts. We welcome you to join us in our meetings, engage in the public process, and let us know how we are doing.


Park County Newsletter
  • A monthly newsletter from the County Commissioners' Office highlighting the people, projects and good work being done across the County.

Park City-County Health Department newsletter
  • A seasonal newsletter with information on how your Health Department is improving and protecting community health and wellbeing.  

Email Lists

Upcoming Meetings email updates
  • Notice of upcoming County meetings.
health department email updates
  • Email updates From the City-County Health Department.
clerk & recorder's office email updates
  • Email updates from the Clerk & Recorder's Office.
Commission email Updates
  • Email updates from the Commissioners' Office.
Yellowstone Gateway Museum Email Updates
  • Email updates from the Yellowstone Gateway Museum.
Election Email Updates
  • Email updates from the Clerk & Recorder's Office.

Social Media 

Park County Facebook Page
  • Current events and general information about what County staff is doing including time sensitive topics such as emergency actions and road closures.  
Park County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page
  • Information of public interest straight from the Sheriff's Office.
Livingston/Park County 911 Facebook Page
  • Get to know your 911 Dispatchers through their social media posts.  They try to post incident information as time allows.  Unfortunately, they are most busy when people want to know what's going on.  Please do not call Dispatch for information during an emergency unless it is your emergency.  
Park City-County Health Department Facebook Page
  • Healthy and helpful information from your local Health Department.
Park City-County Health Department Instagram Page
  • More healthy and helpful information with pictures.
Yellowstone Gateway Museum Facebook Page
  • Explore opportunities to experience local history and culture.
Park County MT Fairgrounds & Parks Facebook Page
  • Keep up with the ever changing calendar of events and opportunities at our Fairgrounds and Parks.  
Livingston Park County Public Library Facebook Page
  • Did you know our library was one of Carnegie's first libraries?  Visit this Facebook page to learn more about this amazing community resource.  
Windrider Transit Facebook Page
  • Park County's free fixed-route public transportation.
Park County MT Votes Facebook Page
  • Keep up with current elections and your voting options.
Park County MT AG Fair Facebook Page
  • Our rural county has deep agricultural roots that we celebrate each summer with the AG Fair.  Meet our next generation of AG producers, learn about their work, and how you can support them.  

Emergency Alerts

Nixle Emergency Alerts 
  • Sign up to receive emergency alerts and safety information during incidents and disasters.  

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