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October 26, 2020 

Policy Update regarding Park City-County Health Department notification procedures to First Responders 

The Park City-County Health Department(PCHD) will now be reporting the home address of all active COVID-19 cases, that we are aware of, to Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). This is in response to a lawsuit filed against the PCHD and the Board of Health by the City of Livingston.

This is a change from prior procedures. The Governor’s Directive of April 7, 2020, allowed each County Health Department the option of releasing limited private information of persons diagnosed with COVID-19.   The PCHD and EMS had previously agreed to allow individuals to choose whether to have their address information released.   Alternatively, individuals were offered the option to disclose their diagnosis voluntarily when calling for Emergency Services. The choice will no longer be offered.  

That being said, the release of address information does not guarantee that First Responders will not be exposed to COVID-19. 

- Individuals with undiagnosed or asymptomatic COVID-19 may call for Emergency Services.

- The PCHD may not know about new cases immediately.  We must rely on reports from many sources including hospitals, clinics, the Montana State Lab, MSU, other counties, and states. Each entity has its own method, at times with delays,  in providing this information to the PCHD. 

- Frequently, there is the missing or inaccurate contact information for new cases.

All law enforcement and EMS providers are encouraged to follow guidance from the Governor, the Park City-County Board of Health and the Centers for Disease Control on preventing exposure of First Responders and their patients to COVID-19. 

The Park County Health Department is committed to working with our Law Enforcement and EMS partners to keep our community safe during these very challenging times.

Click Here-Park county coronavirus response website 

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