The Park County Superintendent of Schools provides administrative support, information and organization for the schools and communities of Park County. The office must meet the requirements of federal, state, and local codes and policies while providing quality service to the children, families, schools and taxpayers of Park County. 

The County Superintendent performs administrative, financial, legal, record keeping and transportation- supervisory services for all schools in the County.  The office assists school boards, educators, students, parents and taxpayers in general to understand and implement federal, state and local laws applicable to education.  The Superintendent is a liaison between the state and local governmental units.  In addition home schools register with the office.

The office oversees the budget preparation process for schools, and meeting of The Office of Public Education deadlines for schools as well as the Council of Commissioners in order to include yearly mill values on the tax notices.  County transportation and retirement is disbursed yearly through this office.

Official acts are kept on record such as school census information, school district organization classification and boundary adjustments.  Records for preservation meet state requirements and include attendance, enrollment, annual data collection, transportation contracts, trustee election data, final budgets, trustee annual reports, school audits and home school notifications.

Lisa Rosberg
Park County Superintendent of Schools
office (406) 222-4148
cell(406) 823.0115

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