The Park County Commissioners would like to remind everyone of the deadlines associated with the publication of public meeting notices.

Park County requires public notice of 48 hours on all agenda items and supporting documentation. These deadlines below will be strictly adhered to (In the event of a week-day holiday, the deadlines would be moved back 1 day):
Tuesday's Public Meeting -
Agenda Item and Supporting Documentation Deadline:  Noon Thursday

Please submit agenda items to the Commission Office, located in the City County Complex at 414 E Callender Street. Commissioners will review and have discretion on meeting requests.

         Phone: 406-222-4106


Commissioners may hold meetings on other days by necessity and these will be posted to the public as well. We will make every attempt to notify staff and the public of any cancellation of any meetings. Thank you for your continued cooperation. PLEASE USE GOOGLE CHROME TO VIEW VIDEO ARCHIVES OF MEETINGS.

Park County Commission meetings are held in the Commission Chambers located in the City County Complex, 414 E. Callender Street. The public may also opt to attend/participate in the meeting at,, or may opt to call into meetings by dialing, 1-571-748-4021, ID 3047645#. 


      Dial * 6 to unmute yourself.


Click here for Agendas, Audio and Meeting Minutes

Please use the drop down menu under AV Capture. Upcoming tab is now the Commission Agenda's and Recorded Tab is now the Official Audio and Minutes.  Best Viewed in Internet Explorer. Having problems with the Audio? Download Silverlight to get the best experience. Please click on Blue links within Agenda/Minutes for more information.

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