Shields River Road Planning Project

Update December 1st, 2018: Park County is currently awaiting project programming and agreements from FHWA-WFL.

Update 4/28/2017: FHWA contacted and informed the Project Partners (Park County & USFS) in late April that MT FLAP funds are available to start the project.  Programing is anticipated to being in early May with project activities occuring over the summer.

The proposed planning project will include engineering studies, geotechnical analysis and corridor management planning for the rehabilitation of the 18.5-mile Shields River Road.  Preliminary work will include scoping, right-of-way (ROW) evaluation, geotechnical investigation, utility analysis, environmental resource and permitting, scanning and evaluation of construction alternatives to rehabilitate the roadway through future Federal Lands Access Program proposals, other federal or state funding agency proposals.

Funding assistance for the project was obtained through the Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP).  

Shields River Road Planning Project FLAP Applicaiton