• Montana is home to 50 species of mosquitoes in 6 genera. 
    • 75-80% of the mosquito species in Montana are from the genus (group): Aedes


  1. Aedes - 34 species
  2. Anopheles - 4 species
  3. Coquilletida - 1 species
  4. Culex - 4 species
  5. Culiseta - 6 species
  6. Psorophora - 1 species

  • Both male and female mosquitoes feed on floral nectar. Only female mosquitoes feed on blood which is necessary for egg development. 

  • Male mosquitoes have feathery antennae, whereas female mosquitoes have non-plumose antennae

  • Mosquitoes are able to overwinter. Depending on the species, they can overwinter as eggs, larvae, or adults.

  • Mosquitoes have 4 developmental stages. The first 3 stages are aquatic. Once all life cycles are complete, they have undergone "Metamorphosis".
  1. Egg
  2. Larva
  3. Pupa
  4. Adult
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Resource: Mosquito Abatement Training Manual, MT Dept. of Ag., Helena, MT, 2017, pg. 2-10, 23-29.