Fiddle Creek Road Repairs

Update February 6th, 2019:   

Due the continuation winter weather with forecasted temperatures at or below 0F at night through the upcoming weekend, the road closure at Fiddle Creek Rd, between Hwy 89 South and Shields River East Road, has been postponed to Monday, February 11th, 2019.  The intent of postponing the closure is to decrease chances that weather causes delays during construction which would result in an increased overall duration for the closure.


The road will be closed to thru traffic beginning February 11th with a target reopening date of February 22nd.  The road closure is required to replace culverts and repair the roadway due to the spring 2018 high water.  Click here for additional project information.


Design, Permitting, Approvals: Fall 2018

Construction: Fall 2018-Spring 2019, currently scheudled with County crews and contractor assistance.


Elevated runnoff in the Shields Valley in the spring of 2018 resulted in channel migration of the Shields River upstream of the Fiddle Creek Road crossing which ultimately resulted in significant lost off road section requiring closure of the roadway.

Temporary repairs were completed when the high water receeded and conditions stabilzied allowing the road to reopen.


Funding for this project is sourced from the Road & Bridge operation funds and from the Emergency & Disaster Fund 2260.  Currently additional funding sources are being sought.