Gardiner Gateway

Gardiner Gateway, Phase II

Project Update

April 18th, 2017

Construction activity resumed from winter shut down for the Gardiner Gateway Phase 2 project. This week a crew is working to replace a timber crib wall on Main Street. Other crews will be located at the pavilion to place stones and construct the roof of the pavilion. A fencing Crew will be on site this week to replace fence at varies locations and place new fence at the end of East Park Street. During these activities, pedestrians may be detoured to the other side of the street and localized one-ways will be utilized to allow concrete trucks and equipment to access the sidewalk. Traffic Control will be on site to flag and guide pedestrians. 

Public update meetings will be held on Monday at 5:30 PM in the Gardiner Community Center.  

Phase 1 Completed August, 2016.

See Gardiner Gateway Project website for general project information and contact for general questions. See the most recent Gardiner Newsletter for local updates.

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