Gardiner Gateway Project

Phase 1 Completed August 2016

Phase 2 Completed September 2017

Phase 3 Starts March 2021

Located at the historic North Entrance, the Gardiner Gateway Project focuses on enhancing access to approximately 10 million acres of federal and state land in and around Yellowstone National Park.The unincorporated community of Gardiner holds fewer than 900 residents, and the impact of visitation is significant to community infrastructure.  This has created a need for a sustainable solution for vehicular and pedestrian safety, traffic congestion, parking, drainage/utilities, dark sky initiative lighting, roadways and sidewalks, public restrooms and signage

The Gardiner Gateway Project was phased over the span of three years from 2014-2017. This would not be possible without the cooperation oand resounding support of the following agencies: The United States Department of the Interior; National Park Service; Gardiner Chamber of Commerce; Greater Gardiner Community Council; Park County, Montana; Montana Department of Transportation; State of Montana, Governor's Office; Western Federal Lands Highway Division, Federal Highways; Yellowstone Association; Yellowstone Park Foundation; National Park Foundation; Montana Department of Commerce; Yellowstone Country Montana, Inc.; and Gallatin National Forest. 

February 2nd, 2021 Update

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