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Park County has a commissioner form of government. The three county commissioners file from one of three districts in the county, but are elected at large and each represents the entire county. The terms for elected officials in Park County are for four (4) years and are non-partisan. One commissioner runs in the non-presidential election year and the other two run in a presidential year.

All legislative, executive, and administrative powers and duties belong to the commissioners unless specifically designated to other officials. The commissioners appoint other department heads and employees, except those appointed by other elected officials.

Powers are limited by state law, but commissioners may exercise broad authority in these and other areas including:

  • Build and maintain county roads and bridges
  • Control and care for county property
  • Appoint numerous advisory and decision-making boards such as the tax appeal board, planning board, fair board, weed board, airport authority, etc.
  • Prepare, review and decide on the annual county budget
  • Adopt and administer personnel policies and negotiate union contracts
  • Provide for law enforcement and correctional facilities in the county
  • Plan and provide for parks, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities
  • Provide for solid waste collection and disposal services

Park county Boards & Committees

When county residents serve on county boards and commissions, they volunteer their service for the betterment of local communities and Park County. Citizens are encouraged to attend board and commission meetings, which are always open to the public.

County boards and commissions serve in either advisory, legislative, or administrative capacities. They consist of county residents and occasionally county staff or elected officials. County boards and commissions assist local government through citizen participation and leadership. County boards also facilitate the public comment process in local governance.

Board and commission meeting agendas are posted in the City/County Complex 48 business hours in advance. Meeting locations and times may change. Please call the board contact number or the Park County Commission at 406-222-4106 to confirm meeting information.

Most board and commission member terms run on a calendar year cycle. Applications are accepted for new members in anticipation of expiring terms. A notice requesting member applications is published in the Livingston Enterprise, on the Park County website, and in the City/County Complex. The call for members is open for one month usually in late fall (sometimes longer for newly created boards). An applicant interview may be part of the selection process.