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How does Document Alert work?

Document alert sends you an automated email alert any time a document is recorded in our office using your name.  

Is there a charge to use Document Alert?

There is no charge to sign up and receive emailed alerts.  Document images may be viewed on iDoc Market, for a subscription fee or users may request a copy of the document, at no cost, by calling, emailing, or visiting the Clerk and Recorder's office. Please provide document number listed in alert.

Setting up an alert

Step 1

Go to iDoc Market and clicked on the shield under "Document Alerts."

Step 2

Login with an existing account or select "Click here to register for iDoc Market" and follow the prompts.

Step 3

Under "Manage your account," select "Document Alert" from the left menu.

Step 4

Select one or more counties offering Document Alert

Step 5

Choose Grantor or Grantee from the field dropdown and enter your information exactly as you want it to be searched. You can choose up to 5 criteria per alert.

Example: "Smith, John" or "John Smith Family Trust"

Step 6

Choose "save." Your information will appear under "Existing Alerts."

You can edit or remove your alerts at any time by clicking on the icons next to a saved alert.

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please call our office at (406) 222-4110.

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