This website is primarily organized by "department".  Departments are the various branches/organizations within the overall county government, responsible for different tasks within the community.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, you can browse the list of departments to see which departments are available and see a brief description of the scope of the each department's responsibilities.  A list of departments organized within broad classifications can also be found by clicking on the "departments" list at this top of any page

Within each department you may find one or more sub-pages with information on specific topics.  Sub-pages can be found at the bottom of the main department page.  Once you have navigated to a sub-page within a department you will find links back to the main department page in the right hand sidebar (on desktop) or at the bottom of the page (mobile).

When browsing within a department you will also find a link to contact the department if you are not finding what you are looking for.  Click on the "Contact Us" button on the right hand side (desktop) or bottom of the page (mobile) to submit an inquiry directly to the department you are browsing within.  In the box that popups up, enter the subject of your inquiry, your name, email & phone and enter your message/request.  You will also need to enter the code shown in the box to validate your submission. 

Some departments may also issue a periodic newsletter with information / current news & events / etc.  If a department offers a newsletter you will see a box labelled "Get Updates" where you can sign up for that department's newsletter.

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If there are any current news items these will be posted at the bottom of the home page. 

An archive of past news items from all departments is also available here

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You can use the search box at the top of the page to seek out specific topics.  As you type suggestions may be displayed if there are close matches to your search term.  You can click on any suggestion to be taken directly to that item.  If you do not see any suggestions that appear to match what you are looking for you can press enter to see deeper results.  

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