Accessible Voting in Montana

In 2015, the legislature allowed for a voter with a disability to request an electronic ballot. There may be other options that meet your needs. Contact the Park County Elections office to find the best way for you to vote in the next election: (406) 222-4110

Electronic Ballot Request System ELECTRONIC BALLOT REQUEST SYSTEM FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES (EBRS) The EBRS provides qualified Montana voters with the ability to apply for an absentee ballot, and receive and mark a ballot electronically.

"Disability" means a temporary or permanent physical impairment such as: (a) impaired vision; (b) impaired hearing; or (c) impaired mobility. Individuals having impaired mobility include those who require use of a wheelchair and those who are ambulatory but are physically impaired because of age, disability, or disease.

Step 1: Request Ballot • Access the EBRS from the SOS website at and click on the EBRS logo or button.
Step 1.Complete the affirmation and user information. • Follow the instructions for each step of the ballot request system.
Step 2: Receive Code for Ballot Access • After the county processes your absentee request, you will receive an email from the system that includes an alpha-numeric code that can be used to access your electronic ballot.
Step 3: Mark Ballot • Mark your ballot selections. • Review and confirm your ballot selections.
Step 4: Print Ballot, Transmission Cover Sheet, and Envelope Templates • Return your ballot and supporting documents via mail or in person to your county election office. 

Qualified Montana voters can access the EBRS beginning 30 days before Federal Elections.
Track your ballot online at My Voter Page or contact your county election office at (406) 222-4110 or .



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