In March of 2019, the Fair board and the Parks board were disbanded and a newly merged Fairgrounds & Parks (PCFP) Board was created.  The newly formed 9-member PCFP Board serves as an advisory board to the Park County Commission, represent the public's best interests, provides direction, guidance and oversight to ensure that the PCFP Department mission, vision and goals are met.  

The PCFP board meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:30PM  in the Commission Chambers of the City / County Complex. 

2023 PCFP Board Members stand together for a group photo during the annual board retreat training. Promotional graphic talking about the board.

Interested in joining the board? Click here to view vacancies. 

Informational Materials

Letters of Recommendation Submitted to the Park County Commission 

Meeting Minutes can be viewed at: 

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