Camping, Stalling, and Renting


Whether heading north into Montana for your vacation or traveling south into Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Parks, the Park County Fairgrounds provides a perfect waypoint. By recharging in Livingston, you leave yourself wide-awake and well-rested to enjoy the gorgeous scenic routes of the the Parks and beautiful passages through the mountains of Montana.  NOTE:  Camping is only available to those who are staying in association with an event being held at the Park County Fairgrounds or needing to stay at the Fairgrounds while conducting agricultural related activities and business.  Reservations made that are not related to events happening at the Fairgrounds or agriculture will be cancelled less the CC processing fee + $20.00.

To park an RV in the Fairgrounds lot costs $29 per night and comes with electrical hookup. Sewer dumping is available for $6.

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Horse Boarding

The Fairgrounds provides stalling services including inside and outside stalls, wood chips, water, and stall cleaning making it easy to bring your horse to an event like a rodeo. Its proximity to Park High, Sleeping Giant Middle, and East Side Elementary also makes it easy to ride your horse to school for the day without the hassle of tending to it between classes or the worry of relying on the school system to look after your horse.

To stall horses at the Fairgrounds please contact the Fairgrounds office at (406) 222-4185

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Need a venue for an event in Park County? Right here in the middle of the county, the Fairgrounds facilities boast ample parking space, a dining room and kitchens suitable for catering, a large exibit hall, and a grand-stand arena, proving its capability and capacity to hold whatever event you have in store. Let the Fairgrounds host your next Park County area event.

For availability and pricing, call the Park County Fairgrounds Office at (406)222-4185.

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