Trail Creek Road over West Pine Creek

Update October 22nd, 2018:   Work is completed on the project and the road was reopened to through traffic on Wednesday, October, 17th.


Design, Permitting completed May-June 2018

Permit Approvals completed July 5th 2018

Structure procurement completed July 12th, 2018

Contractor Limited Solicitation completed August 7th, 2018

Construction scheduled October 2018


Elevated runnof in the Trail Creek and West Pine drainage basins resulted in overtopping of the roadway and loss of the existing culvert in the spring 2018. 

Under the Emergency Declaration Park County premptively completed hydraulic and structural design in order to expidite permitting, procurement and delivery of a replacement structure. Installation is scheduled to begin immediately following the production of the structure, a 21' precast bridge.


Funding for this project is sourced from the Road & Bridge Capital Improvement funds and from the Emergency & Disaster Fund 2260.  The total budget estimate for this project is $95,000.