Clerk of District Court

Clerk of District Court - June Little

It is the ultimate goal and responsibility of the Clerk of District Court to serve the public in areas including, but not limited to: marriage licenses, passports, and child support records. We assist District Court Judges by providing optimum and efficient case management of all District Court records. Our aspiration is to attain these obligations as efficiently and amiable as possible, as would be expected by the citizens of Park County.

Office Hours: 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Fridays, except Holidays
Phone: 406-222-4125  Fax: 406-222-4128

Deputy Clerks: Terry Sarrazin, Molly Bradberry, Pam Pendill, Mary Epley


  • District Court Judge - Brenda Gilbert

    Law and Motion: Monday Mornings - Uncontested Hearings
    9 am - Criminal Cases
    10 am - Civil Cases, Dissolutions, Probates

  • Marriage Licenses

    Brides under age 50 must have a blood test for rubella and must submit certificate of blood test or can sign a waiver. 

    Couples must appear together when they apply. The application fee is $53.00. In addition, couples will be asked for personal information regarding previous marriage (date of death or dissolution, name of former spouse, copy of divorce decree, county and state of death or dissolution) and their parents' full birth names, and states (or countries) of birth. Marriage licenses are valid upon application for 180 days. Please contact our office for under age 18 marriage information.

  • Passports

    We have applications for new passports, as well as renewals. We also have forms if you have had a name change and want to amend your current passport. Please bring with you a certified copy of your birth certificate, current passport photos, and valid driver's license. The fees for Passport Services need to be a check or money order. The fee is $110.00 per application for ages 16 and over, and $80 each application for children. The Clerk of Court fee ($25.00 per application) can be in the form of a check or cash.

  • Child Support Payments

    Payments can be mailed to us as follows:
    Payee's name
    % Clerk of District Court
    P. O. Box 437
    Livingston, MT 59047

  • Notary

    Services are provided with appropriate photo identification. 
    There is a $5.00 fee for the 1st signature and a $1.00 fee for each additional signature.

  • Searches

    Issues can be searched in civil, criminal (felony), probate and dissolution records. Cases opened after 1-1-80 are computerized. Previous to that records are kept in books. Computer Searches are $2.00 per year, per name. Copies are $1.00 per page for the first ten and $0.50 each thereafter. To send documents by email, the same charges apply. Certifications are $2.00 PER DOCUMENT.

    Send your search request in detail (full names, dates, case type); identify the information needed (specific details only, copies, certifications, etc.) and a check or money order to cover cost of search, copies, certifications and postage. You may send a blank signed check with a note in memo "Not to exceed $25.00", or send a check in a certain amount and we will issue a refund check.

  • Genealogy Searches

    Naturalization records up to 1980, marriage licenses, divorce, probate and wills. Birth and death records are available at the Clerk & Recorder's office.

  • Filing Pleadings

    Civil (starting at $12,000), dissolution (divorce), adoption, probate, felony, criminal, juvenile court, dependent and neglect, and lower court appeals. Facsimiles and photocopies are acceptable IF the originals are received 2-5 business days. NO exceptions, otherwise, faxed pleadings will be unfiled.. 
    We are restricted by law to provide legal advice. Please contact an attorney licensed by the State of Montana, or check state statutes at the Park County Law Library. Park County records date back to 1887. Previous records are with Gallatin & Carbon County.

Filing Fees

Below is a list of fees for services offered by the Clerk of Court offices. For further qustions or information, please contact the office.