About Park County RFD #1

About Us

Park County Rural Fire District #1 is an all-hazards department responding to a wide ranging variet of calls. We do not do medical transports, however we do assist in some medical incidents in our district. The Fire District responded to over 556 calls in 2022 including structure fires, wildland fires, gas leaks, detector alarms, car accidents, traffic control problems, HAZMAT, search and rescue, swiftwater rescue, and any assistance requested by other emergency services. 

The District encompasses 660 square miles around the City of Livingston. We cover from county-line to county-line on the I-90 corridor and several miles of 89-north and 89-south. With a consistent roster of 25 members, 23 are volunteers that give thousands of hours each year to protecting and responding to the District and surrounding districts and counties. District #1 has Mutual-Aid and Automatic-Aid with all fire departments within the county and we are a member of the Montana Mutual Aid Agreement.


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