List of Inmates currently housed in the Park County Detention Center.

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Bowman, Wayne

Misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs 2nd Offense

Misdemeanor Driving Suspended

$1,970 Bond; TBA

SO / 9-20-2023

Griebel, Skyler

Felony Deliberate Homicide

$800,000 Bond (District Court)

Drug Patch Prior To Release

Misdemeanor Extra-Jurisdictional Warrant For Failure To Appear

$100 Bond (Bozeman Municipal)

SO / 2-8-2022

Kautzman, Apollo

Felony DUI 4th

Felony Child Endangerment

Misdemeanor Endangering Welfare of Children - 1st Violation

Misdemeanor Driving Suspended 2nd or Subsequent Offence

Misdemeanor Operating w/o Liability Insurance 3rd or Subsequent Offence

$10,000 Bond (Justice Court)

SCRAM Prior to Release

SO / 9-19-2023

Park, Wade

Misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs 3rd Offense

Misdemeanor Driving While Suspended or Revoked 2nd or Subsequent Offense

$3,180 Bond – (City Court)

SCRAM Prior to Release

PD / 9-2-2023

Pennington, Jared

Felony Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drugs

Misdemeanor Driving Under The Influence of Alcohol or Drugs 1st Offense

Misdemeanor Driving without A Valid Drivers’ License

$5,000 Bond (Justice Court)

Drug Patch Prior to Release

SO / 8-28-2023

Pinnick, Leo

Misdemeanor PFMA Causing Reasonable Apprehension 2nd Offense

Misdemeanor Theft 1st Offense

Misdemeanor Destruction Of Or Tampering with A Communication Device

$2,970 Bond (City)

SO / 9-16-2023

Rodriguez, Miguel

Felony Negligent Vehicular Assault

Misdemeanor Aggravated Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs 1st

Misdemeanor Failure To Give Notice Of Accident By Quickest Means

Misdemeanor Failure To Show Drivers License To Other Parties Involved In Accident

Misdemeanor Failure To Carry Proof Of Insurance 1st

Misdemeanor Failure To Remove Glass Or Injuries, Substance Dropped Upon Highway From Damaged Vehicle

Misdemeanor Operating A Motor Vehicle In Unsafe Condition

Misdemeanor Failure To Render Reasonable Assistance At Scene Where Person Injured

Misdemeanor Reckless Driving 1st

Misdemeanor Improper Passing

Misdemeanor Leaving Scene Of Accident Resulting In Injury Or Death Without Express Permission From Law Enforcement

$5,000 Bond (District Court)

MHP / 7-5-2023

Silverwood, Colton

Felony Incest

$100,000 Bond (Justice Court)

SO / 8-15-2023

Smith, Decoriss

Felony Money Laundering

Felony Theft Exceeding $1,500

Felony Issuing A Bad Check Exceeding $500

Felony Deceptive Practices Exceeding $1,500

Felony Forgery Exceeding $1,500

$30,000 Bond (District Court)

$10,000 Bond (Gallatin Co. Justice Court)

SO / 7-19-2023

Toftemark-Smith, Douglas

Felony Violation of Release Conditions

$20,000 Bond (District Court)

Felony Violation of Deferred Sentence X2

$200 Bond (District Court)

SCRAM Prior to Release

SO / 7-29-2023

Villalva, Duglas

Felony District Court Warrant for Violation of Release Conditions

$100,000 Bond (District Court)

SO / 9-20-2023


List of Inmates currently housed in other facilities.





  Morrison, Robert

Felony District Court Warrant

$25,000 Bond (District Court)

Misdemeanor Bozeman Municipal Court Warrant

$810 Bond (Justice Court)

GCDC / 7-5-2023

Tamanini, Frank

  Felony Assault with Weapon

  $10,000 Bond (Justice Court)

  Misdemeanor Partner Family Member Assault

GCDC / 6-21-2023


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