List of Inmates currently housed in the Park County Detention Center.

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Belcher, Clinton

Felony Sexual Abuse Of Children

Felony Patronizing A Prostitute

$50,000 Bond (District Court)

SO / 2-14-2024

Brown, Chansey

Felony Fugitive From Justice Warrant

No Bond (New Mexico)


SO / 4-26-2024

Brown, Jonathan

Felony Time Server

Release On 5-22-2024

SO / 5-3-2024

George, Reginald

Felony Incest x3

Felony Sexual Assault- Victim Less Than 16, Offender 3 Or More Years Older Than Victim x2

Felony Sexual Intercourse Without Consent

$100,000 Bond (District Court)

SO / 2-4-2024

Hefley, Jayston

Felony Criminal Child Endangerment

Misdemeanor Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs 1st

Misdemeanor Assault – Causing Bodily Injury X2

Misdemeanor Obstructing A Peace Officer

Misdemeanor Reckless Driving 1st

Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest

$10,000 Bond (Justice Court)

SCRAM or Sober Link Prior To Release

SO / 5-4-2024

Herr, James

Felony Criminal Possession Of Dangerous Drugs

Misdemeanor Obstructing A Peace Officer

Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct 1st

Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest

$25,000 Bond (Justice Court)

SO / 5-11-2024

Lewis, Kadin

Felony Deliberate Homicide

$1,000,000 Bond (District Court)

SO / 9-19-2022

Marceau, Crystal

Felony Aggravated Burglary

Felony Assault On A Peace Officer – Causing Bodily Injury

Misdemeanor Assault

Misdemeanor Obstructing A Peace Officer

Misdemeanor Resisting Arrest

Misdemeanor Theft 3rd Offense

Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct

$10,000 Bond (Justice Court)

SCRAM Prior To Release

SO / 5-3-2024

Robran, Jonathan

Felony District Court Warrant For Violation Of Release Conditions

$5,000 Bond (District Court)

SO / 3-5-2024

Stands, Jonah

Misdemeanor Careless Driving Involving Serious Death Or Bodily Injury

Release 10-15-2024

SO / 4-15-2024

Vanenger, Sara

Felony Fugitive From Justice Warrant

No Bond (Missouri)

SO / 5-7-2024

Wilson, Christopher

Misdemeanor Careless Driving

Misdemeanor Driving While Suspended/Revoked 2nd Offense

Misdemeanor Driving Without Liability Insurance 3rd Offense

Release On 8-19-2024

PD / 2-16-2024


List of Inmates currently housed in other facilities.





Boyer-Bendinelli, Kaynean

Felony Intimidation

Felony Sexual Abuse Of Children Under Age 16

Misdemeanor Privacy In Communication

$25,000 Bond (District Court)

GPS Prior To Release

YCDF / 11-2-2023

Silverwood, Colton

  Felony Incest

  $50,000 Bond (District Court)

BCDC / 11-18-2023


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