Park County News

10/02/2019 / Weed Control District
NOTICE: Knotweed Complex has been found in Park County. This is a priority 1B noxious weed that has limited presence in Montana
09/23/2019 / Weed Control District
Rental Equipment is no longer available for the 2019 Season. The Rental Program is being restructured. Anticipate changes for t
09/12/2019 / Weed Control District
NOTICE: Diffuse Knapweed Found In Park County
09/11/2019 / Weed Control District
NOTICE: The Park County Weed District and MSU Extension Service have confirmed sites of Ventenata dubia in Park County
06/21/2019 / Weed Control District
The State of Montana has declared Ventenata dubia a Priority 2A noxious weed as of June 21st, 2019
11/27/2017 / Superintendent Of Schools
11/20/2017 / Superintendent Of Schools
02/22/2017 / Superintendent Of Schools
Aidan Veress from Gardiner School won the county Spelling Bee for the second year in a row. Second place winner was Graham Sta
09/01/2016 / Superintendent Of Schools
Leah Shannon of Arrowhead Elementary School in Pray was named the 2016 Montana Rural Teacher of the Year at the Montana Associa
06/18/2014 / Mill Creek Road Surface Preservation Project
03/26/2014 / Sheriff's Office
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