U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)– Pre-Disaster Mitigation (PDM) Grant Program
The purpose of FEMA's PDM program is to substantially reduce the risk of future damage, hardship, loss or suffering in communities from natural disasters, such as floods, by providing the affected communities with cost-share funds to reduce future losses.  Studies have proven that every $1 spent on mitigating natural hazards such as flooding, wildfire in the urban interface, earthquake retrofits or severe summer or winter weather saves $4 in future disaster-recovery costs for the nation as a whole.  In 2009, four Montana projects competed nationally with 481 other applications from 45 states, 5 territories and 6 Native American tribes. Park County was awarded $2,280,000 – the largest of the four natural disaster “mitigation grants” – as part of the $50 million awarded through the national program. 

The FFI Program, managed by MFWP, was established in 1995 to create and implement a statewide voluntary program that promotes fishery habitats and spawning areas for the rivers, streams and lakes of Montana's fisheries in order to enhance future fisheries through natural reproduction.    In March 2010, MFWP awarded Park County $98,100 in funding for the Fleshman Creek Urban Restoration Project.  The funds granted from MFWP, in addition to other funding sources secured, will assist in implementing and reaching goals set forth in a comprehensive management plan designed to improve and restore Fleshman Creek.  Those goals include: creating a community resource; protecting, enhancing, and creating stream, riparian and wetland habitat; improving water quality; and, mitigating risk to property and life.

National Fish Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) - Bring Back the Natives Program
The decline in native fish populations is a nationwide ecological concern. Habitats supporting native fish and associated aquatic species are continually threatened by numerous causes. In order to address the threats to indigenous freshwater fish species, NFWF coordinates the Bring Back the Natives Program with the support of federal agencies and private donors. The Bring Back the Natives Program invests in conservation activities that restore, protect and enhance native populations of sensitive or listed fish species across the United States, especially in areas on or adjacent to federal agency lands. This funding opportunity also provides grants to help implement the goals of the National Fish Habitat Action Plan (www.fishhabitat.org). The Program emphasizes coordination between private landowners and federal agencies, tribes, corporations and states to restore the health of watersheds. The end result is on-the-ground restoration, in-stream improvements and partnerships that benefit aquatic systems and their native fish species throughout the U.S. Park County received a $53,075 grant in March 2011 to support goals and objectives associated with the Fleshman Creek Urban Restoration Project.

Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) – Reclamation and Development Grants (RDG) Program
This state-funded program is designed to assist projects that compensate Montana citizens for the effects of exploration and mining on public lands and projects that serve the public interest and the State of Montana.  Park County received a $50,000 planning grant in October 2007 that were used to procure consulting services to prepare a comprehensive management plan for the restoration of a 2.7 mile section of Fleshman Creek that begins near South 12th Street and ends at the confluence of the Yellowstone River in Livingston.  The County subsequently received a $300,000 grant in July 2012 to assist with construction-related activities including culvert replacement and stream restoration.
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