Fleshman Creek Rehabilitation

This community-enhancement and improvement project was completed in June 2014, well before anticipated deadlines, and proved very successful.

Special thanks to the many parties involved who contributed countless hours, including Sime Construction, CTA Engineering, ERM, Park County, Livingston School Districts 1 & 4, St. Mary's Catholic School and Nittany Grantworks. Additional thanks to federal and state agencies that funded a majority of the project activity costs including U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

This project has demonstrated what can be accomplished when people work together toward a common goal. In spite of minor obstacles and resistance along the way - including weather-setbacks - continued determination and hard work helped to accomplish all project goals. The purpose of the project was to restore and enhance a two-mile reach of Fleshman Creek. Infrastructure replacements were critical to provide for stream restoration activities and address existing utility deficiencies within and immediately adjacent to the project area. Infrastructure work activities included water main replacements, new sewer main installation and the installation of a new sanitary lift station at G-Street Park. Replacement of the undersized hydraulic structures, and restoration of the channel corridor, will convey floodwaters to reduce the risk of flooding. Undersized and inefficient culverts were replaced with hydraulic structures designed for high water events and water movement while reducing stream velocity. Fish movement will additionally be aided by the prevention of debris jams at pipe inlets. Newly contoured streambanks were replanted with native woody and herbaceous vegetation aiding in bank stabilization, riparian protection, flood energy dissipation, pollutant filtration and improved water quality.


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A project completion report for this project is available for review at the Park County Clerk and Recorders Office.

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