Deferred Prosecution Agreements

A deferred prosecution agreement is a voluntary agreement negotiated between the defendant and prosecutor in exchange for the defendant agreeing to fulfill certain requirements. 

If you have entered into a deferred prosecution agreement, our office will send you or your attorney a copy to review, sign, and return to our office. It will be your responsibility to retain a copy for your records. Once we receive the signed agreement, we will file a Notice of Deferral with the Court. 

Once the term of your agreement has expired and you have completed all terms of the agreement, it is your responsibility to notify the Park County Attorney's Office. We will move the Court to Dismiss the case with prejudice, and your record will remain free of these charges. Our office will send a copy of the signed motion and order from the court for your records. 

 You can notify our office via e-mail, phone, or in writing. After we have been notified, our office will ensure that there have been no violations of the agreement. 

  • If your agreement stipulated a donation to a local non-profit, please provide receipt of donation to our office as soon as possible. 
  • If your agreement stipulated paying restitution to an individual or business, please provide receipt of payment to our office. 

Documents can be mailed to:

Park County Attorney's Office

414 East Callender St.

Livingston, MT  59047

Or via e-mail at:


  • A Dismissal with Prejudice means that the claim may never be asserted against the other party again.
  • A Dismissal without Prejudice means that the claim may be reasserted against the other party in the future. 

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