Discovery provided to us from the law enforcement agencies may arrive on a USB or disc.

If you receive a DVD with your discovery, it must be opened on a personal computer for playback. If your case is through Montana Highway Patrol, or you open a DVD with a large amount of files with a program titled AVViewer, please refer to the previous page for instructions on opening the In Car Video.  DVDs will include all video footage we have received from law enforcement. The files are often quite large, so videos may be sent on several DVDs, and may take time to open.


If you receive a CD it also must be opened on a personal computer. CDs will contain any photo  or audio evidence we have received from law enforcement, or additional PDF files pertaining to the case.


You may also receive a USB from our office. USBs will contain a variety of digital media, including video footage, photographs, or PDF documents. After copying items from the USB to your personal computer, please return the USB to our office with the address provided.


All videos, aside from those received from Montana Highway Patrol, are best viewed with VLC media player, which is a free program you may install on your personal computer.

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