Pro Se Defendants seeking to negotiate their case may contact the Park County Attorney’s office through our general e-mail up to two weeks before their Omnibus Hearing. This ensures that our office has had time to open the case and request information. Please keep in mind that it can take several weeks for us to receive officer information, and we are unable to discuss your case until we have reviewed this information. 

Due to busy schedules and high call volume, e-mail is our preferred way of contact, as the message will be delivered to both the attorney and the legal assistant. When e-mailing our office, please include the following subject line:

Pro Se Defendant Re: Case#

Please include the TK case number assigned by the court, as well as a brief message describing the nature of your request. 


While our staff is happy to assist you, we cannot give legal advice on how best to proceed with a case, what plea to enter, answer any questions about the Public Defender's office, or refer you to a private attorney. 

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