Behavioral health crises require swift action.

Park County is home to many behavioral health professionals with varying specialties. You are always welcome.

If you are in a crisis right now:


9-1-1 – Emergency Number for medical emergencies including suicide attempts.
2-1-1 – Crisis Emergency Number for health and human services including mental health emergencies. (Alternate Phone #406-586-3333)

Go to nearest emergency room.
Call a trusted friend to help.

You are worth saving and we care!

If someone you know is in a crisis right now:

To inform medical professionals or law enforcement, it’s crucial to assess the situation and provide answers to the following:

  • If someone is suicidal or depressed, ask them directly if they have a plan, and ensure they are safe.
  • Determine if drugs or alcohol are involved. If so, how much did they consume? Are they vomiting or having seizures?
  • Are they exhibiting strange behavior or acting aggressive? Ask if they are taking any medications?
  • Do they feel frightened, angry, agitated, or depressed?

  • Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Family Therapy (livingston)
    Provider Specialty Contact
    Adney, Joanne LCSW- Children, adolescents, play therapy 406-222-1111
    Berglund, Becky LCPC- Grief, loss, trauma, life transitions 405-599-3528
    Campbell, Meriweather LCPC, LAC- Expressive art therapies, trauma, alcoholism, substance abuse 223-8773
    Delich, Donna LCSW, LAC- Adults, trauma, addiction 223-3104
  • Psychiatry (Livingston)
  • mental health services (big timber)
  • Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Family Therapy (Bozeman)
  • Psychiatry (Bozeman)
  • other services

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