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When it comes to raising kids, nobody has all the answers. Whether it’s learning about your newborn or sharing stories with other moms, we help you navigate the world of parenting.

Diaper Depot

Last year, the Park County Health Department provided 13 packs of 60 diapers for 141 families throughout Park County and Sweet Grass County, and 42 families in West Yellowstone. Thank you for the generous donations that made this possible.

To sign-up for the program please call or go to Health Department office (basement of City/County Complex building- 414 E Callender St.)

*Restrictions may apply based on income. If you would like to donate to this program, please contact Trish at (406) 222-4145.


Mothers of Babies

A welcoming, safe space for mothers and children under three. Ask questions and get answers from a registered nurse and form a supportive network with other mothers. Appetizers provided!

Every Thursday from 4-5 PM at the Food Resource Center (202 South 2nd St.)

Car Seat Safety

The Park County Fire Department can inspect your car seats to ensure they are installed properly. For more information, stop by the Health Department office in the basement of the City/County Complex (414 E Callender St.).

You can also find out more about car seat safety at

Additional Resources

Children’s Special Health Services:

Newborn Home Visiting

Having a newborn can feel overwhelming. Our home visitors are there to answer questions and monitor your baby’s growth. We’re here to help!

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