Completed Projects

 Active Transportation Plan -  Completed in 2015. The plan reviews the existing facilities in the county; lists types of parks and recreational facilities; discusses existing regulations; provides a policy for the management of parks, trails and recreation facilities; makes recommendations for future needs; and, provides a list of ideas to stimulate discussions about goals and the obtainment of those goals.

Bridge Improvements - Completed in April 2016.   Recent repair activities to County bridges occurred on Indian Creek Road, Rock Creek Road, Cottonwood Bench Road and Castle Mountain Road. Park County was awarded grant funds in the amount of $109,955 from TSEP to assist with replacement of one bridge and the repairs to three bridges.

Capital Improvements Plan - Initial planning document completed in Spring 2015, amended as needed.

Carters Bridge Path- Completed Fall of 2016. Funding assistance was throught CTEP program and the FWP RTP. ADA Improvments were completed in May 2016, Resurfacing completed in September 2016.  Signage compled in the fall of 2016.

Confluence Park- Completed in Spring of 2017.  This project was allowed Park County to aquire a property that allows for public access to the Yellowstone River from the Gardiner Water Sewer District.  Funding for the property aquisition was throught Fish & Wildlife Conservation Trust and improvements to the access were coordinated through the Gardiner Gateway Project.

Fairgrounds Sewer System Project -  Completed June 2014. The project was funded by a $100,000 Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Renewable Resources Grant with approximately $194,000 funded by Park County.

Fleshman Creek Urban Restoration Project - Completed June 2014. The purpose of the project was to mitigate flooding and to restore and enhance a two-mile reach of Fleshman Creek. Work included the installation of six precast box structures, installation of 3200' of sewer line and lift station and stream restoration.  The $3.2 million project was largely funded (90%) through federal and state grants and work activities were completed in June 2014, ahead of schedule. 

Gardiner Gateway Project- Completed June 2017. This $25 million+ multi-agency project addressed a multiple range of use issues and opportunities along the boundary of Gardiner Montana and the North Entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  The Federal Lands Access Program provided the primary funding mechanism for the project.

Gardiner Sidewalk Extension - Completed June 2015. The new sidewalk (approximately 1,000') runs parallel to US Highway 89 (US 89) on the north side at the outskirts of Gardiner, between the Rodeo/Fairgrounds and Scott Street.

Gardiner Green Box Site Facilities Improvement Project - Completed Fall 2015.  The work included installation of an at-grade compactor unit and new fencing to prevent animal intrusion.  Future buildout will include a second compaction unit as service demand requires.  Funding assistance was provided by FWP for the fence improvements.

Health Department Strategic Plan – 2015-2019 - Completed in 2015. The objective of formalizing a Strategic Plan for the Park County Health Department was to create thoughtful interrelationships with the department’s priorities and opportunities as well as to maximize resources. This document serves as an effort to focus on how the department can function better to serve its population through four priority areas. Each priority is a broad statement of intent, which serves as a central focus for associated goals and objectives.

Highwy 89S Trail Extension Project-  Completed May 2017. This project extended the Carter's bridge path to the intersection of Old Yellowstone Trail North.  Funding for the proejct was throught the Transporation Alteratives Program and MDT.

Main Boulder Road Improvement Project- Completed September 2018. Funding was allocated from the US Department of Transportation Federal Lands Access Program to Sweet Grass and Park County for a project that will improve access to the areas served by the Main Boulder River Road. The rehabilitation work will also improve access to areas of Custer Gallatin National Forest and the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness. In the interest of collaborative partnerships that benefit neighboring jurisdictions, Park and Sweet Grass Counties  entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to equally share the matching fund requirement of this program.

Mill Creek Road Surface Preservation Project- Completed July 2018.  This project work involved patching, crackseal, bridge deck repairs & seal, gravel placement and permenant traffic control upgrades on Mill Creek Road from Highway 89S to the Snowbank Campground.  Funding for this project was through the Federal Lands Access Program.

Rock Creek Road Rehabilitation - Completed in June 2014 - consisted of 4.8 miles of road rehabilitation and the replacement of an existing culvert at the Rock Creek crossing. Rehabilitation activities included road base restoration utilizing the existing road base, surface milled combined with Portland cement to provide a base course.

Silver Gate Park Strategic Plan – 2016-2020 -  Completed in January 2016.  In 2014, the communities of Silver Gate and Cooke City launched their first Silver Gate Park (SGP or the Park) strategic planning activities. The objective of formalizing a Strategic Plan for SGP was to create thoughtful interrelationships, prioritize community goals and opportunities, as well as to maximize resources. The development of the Plan also established a course of action to create a sustainable SGP with services that promotes recreation, health and environmental conservation as integral elements of the communities.

Trail Creek Road over West Pine- Elevated runnoff in the Trail Creek and West Pine drainage basins resulted in overtopping of the roadway and loss of the existing culvert in the spring 2018.  Under the Emergency Declaration Park County premptively completed hydraulic and structural design in order to expidite permitting, procurement and delivery of a replacement structure. 

Yellowstone Gateway Museum Roof Project - Completed May 2014. The North Side School is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has served as the repository for Park County records and objects relating to its history since 1977. Formally known as the Park County Museum it is now named the Yellowstone Gateway Museum due to its relationship to Yellowstone National Park, this project replaced the roof of the building.

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