The Park County Weed District offers rental spray equipment (slide-in unit, and backpacks) for use in Park County. In an effort to provide a self-sustaining rental program that will ensure quality equipment for years to come, we have modified our lease and protocol from past years. Please read below to review these updates, in addition to seeing our new lease agreement. 


  • $20.00 / day           
  • Herbicide only--no insecticides, fungicides, etc.             
  • Can only use in Park County             



  • If you pick up a sprayer Thursday afternoon, and drop it off Monday morning this will be considered 3 days. In contrast, if you pick a sprayer up Thursday afternoon, and drop it off Monday afternoon this will be considered 4 days. If you suspect bad weather in the forecast that will prevent you from spraying, do not rent the equipment. We reserve the right to charge for all days the sprayer is in your possession whether in use or not. Please be respectful of our time and other customers needs. 
  • The Park County Weed District's primary function is noxious weed management in Park County. We do not manage insects or fungus. This service is intended to provide affordable rental equipment to be used for noxious weed management only, not insects or fungus. Due to this, the use of insecticide or fungicide in this equipment is prohibited. Please be respectful of this restriction.
  • We ask that you identify what products you used in the tank so that we can better communicate with other users if there is a risk of incompatibility, contamination, or harm to non-target species. Please be respectful of this request. 
  • Neighboring counties have their own rental equipment programs. We ask that if you need to use equipment outside of Park County that you utilize those County programs. This is a service provided to citizens of Park County for use in Park County. Please be respectful of this restriction. 

To view a copy of our new lease agreement please click here. Contrary to past years, this agreement is printed on carbon copy forms so that you will receive a copy of the agreement as well. 

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