Local Commercial Applicators

Please note: we do not endorse or recommend specific applicators.  Always compare prices and services and ask to see a current license and insurance.

  • Stu Schilling  - Stu's Chemical -  406.686.4117
  • Art Atherton - Weed Masters - 406.220.3060 - Ornamental & Turf Care (Lawn)
  • Craig Harris - Weeds of Montana - 406.223.8101 - Right of Way (ROW) & Rangeland
  • Ron Liljedahl  -  Plant Care and Pest Solutions - 406.222.5499 / 406.223.5867
  • Gary Francis - Black Otter Weed Control -  406.333.4362 / 406.220.1773
  • Bruce Prevost  - Seed Time Harvest Weed Control - 970.237.2987
  • Mark Lincoln  - New Ecological Services Inc. - 406.224.2684
  • Nico Cantalupo - 3/C Consulting LLC - 406.853.4415

List based on licensed commercial applicators from the Montana Department of Agriculture website that are registered in Park County.

Out-of-county applicators willing to work in Park County (added at request of applicator):

  • Boyd Morgan (Gallatin County) -- 406.388.4497, or 406.580.9909 (c)
  • Studer Spraying Services (Meagher County) -- 406.547.3600

Are you a commercial applicator in the area and want to be featured on this list? Are you an applicator that has moved or retired? Please give us a call and we will update our list.

Weeds and Montana Law

Plant, Insect, & Disease Identification

 Schutter Diagnostic Lab - Montana State University - Bozeman

Weed Seedling Identification Guide for Montana and the Northern Great Plains - PDF version


Biological Control Programs & Information

Sources for obtaining Biocontrol Agents 

Wondering How Many Applicator Credits You Have/Need?

NWSFF - Noxious Weed Seed Free Forage

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National Pesticide Information Center (Link to NPIC home)

   - OSU Extension Pesticide Properties Database--information regarding pesticides and their likelihood to move through the soil profile

For Developers and Subdivisions, landowners, and gravel pit operators

For a No-Spray area on the Right-of-Way: print, fill out, and submit this forms to the Weed Coordinator:

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