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Paradise Valley Field Day

6/12/24 - 9am 

6 Mile Creek Picnic Area 

116 Bridger Hollow Rd

30 - Agricultural Plant Pest Control - 1 credit.
39 - Demonstration & Research Pest Control - 3 credits.
33 - Forest Pest Control - 1 credit.
40 - Ind Inst Struct & Health Related - 1 credit.
50 - Mosquito Abatement - 1 credit.
34 - Ornamental and Turf Pest Control - 1 credit.
38 - Public Health Pest Control - 1 credit.
55 - Regulatory Weed - 3 credits.
37 - Right of Way Pest Control - 3 credits.
45 - School IPM - 1 credit.
10 - Dealer - 3 credits.
60 - Private Agricultural Pest Control - 3 credits.


9:00 am: Ben Hauptman: Identification and Ecology of Invasive Annual Grasses in Gallatin County

This presentation will cover the identification of common invasive annual grasses in Park County and surrounding areas, their ecological impacts, their life cycles, and treatment options available. Participants will learn about the ideal conditions for germination and establishment of these invasive grasses.

10:00 am: Bethany Allen–Plant ID walk: Mapping  and Monitoring with EDDMaps

This presentation teaches participants to identify plants in the field and record their findings. They'll learn how to use EDDMaps, a web-based tool to submit their data and contribute to a collaborative effort to track invasive plant distribution and inform future management strategies.

11:00 am: Jackie Pondolfino–  Pesticide Protection Equipment: Review of Safety and Cleaning Techniques

This presentation offers a rundown of the essential equipment needed for safe pesticide application and proper cleaning techniques to ensure user safety and environmental protection. Participants can expect to learn about different types of protective gear, their selection based on the pesticide used, and the step-by-step process for thorough equipment cleaning to avoid contamination.

12:00 pm: Lunch

Presentations end by 12:30 pm, followed by lunch provided by our partners.

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Paradise Valley Weed Field Day

June 12th, 9am - 12pm

Credits pending

Shields Valley Weed Field Day

September 11th

Credits pending

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