Twenty-six professional and amateur artists—current and former residents of the county and the park—are represented. Subjects are as varied as the park itself, including landscapes, geothermal features, wildlife, and more. Artists chose varied mediums, including oil, oil encaustic, acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencil, and stained glass. A brief story about the artist's inspiration behind each piece is included as is artist contact info. Please contact the artist directly regarding their featured piece, which may be available for sale. Some sales benefit the museum! Artists may also have other works available.

Yellowstone has a long history of inspiring artists. Before the park was created, artist Thomas Moran, along with photographer William H. Jackson, documented the wonders of the park, helping build support for its preservation. Since the creation of Yellowstone National Park in 1872, thousands of artists have followed in their footsteps, finding inspiration from the park’s wild places and wildlife. This relationship between the wonders of nature and the desire to interpret them will continue to enthrall artists far into the future.

Artists share their interpretation of place, conveying the history and culture of an area in ways that cannot be duplicated. The viewer gains not only a greater understanding of place but art also possesses intangible and ineffable qualities that enhance the viewer’s experience. 

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