Share Your Family History


In the museum’s exhibit rooms are mini-history, thematic questionnaires. You may also download the pdfs below the photos and mail to above address.

I Remember Northside School

I Remember Corner Grocery Stores

I Remember NPRR Shops

I Remember Park Co. Fair

Oral History

We collect Park County oral histories about a variety of topics. If you would like to be interviewed and/or know of others who should be contacted, please contact Karen Reinhart at  or call 222-4184.

Can you help conduct interviews? This is very rewarding work. We are happy to train you in the art of interviewing and how to use provided digital recorders.


One way to preserve your family’s history is to donate items to the museum. Don’t throw away those old items in your garage or attic!

The collections housed at the museum include books, manuscripts, photographs, audio-visual materials, archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, art, and historic and cultural objects.

The museum accepts donations based on our mission statement and established museum policies. Accepted items are stored archivally, preserving them for future generations; the museum may choose to display artifacts in our frequently changing exhibits. Donated materials are made available to researchers in our Research Center. 

Donation Receipt Form

Artifact Donation

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