Please submit all forms to the Park County Weed Coordinator.

All documents are fillable PDFs, you may fill them in electronically before you print OR you can print the document as is, and hand-write the information. All forms must have a signature whether electronically signed or handwritten.

Landowner Right-of-way Agreement

An agreement between the property owner and the Park County Weed District. The property owner requests to assume responsibility of noxious weed management in the right-of-way bordering their property. (ex: If the property houses an organic farm and does not want the right-of-way sprayed, they agree to take on the management of the right-of-way). Please Note: The Park County Weed Board must approve the Landowner ROW Agreement before it can be in effect.


Noxious Weed Management Plan

A document that provides you with information on noxious weed control methods that may work for you. Schedule a site visit with the Park County Weed Coordinator and work together to develop a noxious weed management plan that is right for you. 


Noxious Weed Complaint Form

Have a complaint or concern? We want to help! Please fill out our Noxious Weed Complaint Form or give us a call. We would like to work together to address any issues that are brought to our attention.